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Jumping In My Car We're Going 100 'Round the Bends 22.07.2013
Picture of Amsterdam: Bare Trees Beneath Glass 22.07.2013
I Ask Her to Speak French and Then I Need Her to Translate 20.07.2013
I Need to Find the Key to Let Me In 20.07.2013
When the Smaller Picture's the Same as the Bigger Picture 19.07.2013
Cause Today We Can Be Right Here Where We Wanna Be 19.07.2013
With the Stars in the Darkness 18.07.2013
It's Not About Shoes Even If They're Sweet 18.07.2013
You Took it All In You May Never be Back Again 17.07.2013
Then I Think About Being Done with no Resume 16.07.2013
From the Blue and the Red from the Orange and Green 15.07.2013
Red, the Blood of Angry Men / Black, the Dark of Ages Past 14.07.2013
So Be a Tourist, Hear the Call 13.07.2013
This Graveyard Hides a Million Secrets 12.07.2013
Dear Days of Old with the Faces in the Firelight 11.07.2013
You've Left Behind the World Again 10.07.2013
I Was Never Meant for Such a Small Town World 08.07.2013
I Like it in the City When Two Worlds Collide 07.07.2013
We Sleep and We Wake to Muffled Chimes Out From the Lake 07.07.2013
Where the Rainfall Turns to Silver 06.07.2013
Lose Your Mind at the Ballet d'Or 05.07.2013
Thinking of a Language That the Two of Us Can Speak 04.07.2013
Feel their Magic, Hear Their Call 04.07.2013
Whither Must I Wander 02.07.2013
This is a List of What I Should Have Seen but I'm Not Seeing 02.07.2013
I Am Antique Lace Under Musée Glass 29.06.2013
When the Sun's So Slow to Fade 28.06.2013
The Road is Wide and the Sky is Tall 27.06.2013
I Don't Know Because I Don't Know Where to Begin 27.06.2013